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House Stepic
Spodnji log 38
1282 - Sava

Mobile: +38640573955


Dear Guests,

Thank you for your visit. We wish you a pleasant welcome in our apartments Hiša Štepic. An apartment and a studio (hereinafter referred to as "accommodation") are available for your stay.

We want every guest who dwells with us to feel beautiful and carefree. To avoid possible misunderstandings, we kindly ask you to take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the house rules.

Confirmation of booking or use of the property is understood as to be familiar with the house rules and to adhere to it (house rules are also published on


Please note that guests can arrive at the studio or apartment at any time after 16:00. Due to digitized registration in the register of tourist guests or prior to digitised submission of personal data for guest registration, entry to the accommodation is possible without any personal contact with the owner or manager of the accommodation. After receiving the security code via e-mail, you can pick up the keys to the apartments at the location itself. The keys are stored in a mini-safe, at the very entrance of the apartments.

On the day of departure, please empty the apartment by 10:00 at the latest.

Arrivals before the time indicated above or departures after the time indicated are only possible after prior coordination and approval by the owner.


The tourist tax is €0.75 per day for an adult and €0.375 per day for children aged 7-18. Children up to 7 years old are exempt from tourist tax (Novosti na področju pobiranja in odvajanja turistične in promocijske takse s 1.1.2019 -

Payment of the tourist tax is obligatory for every guest.


• Guests will pick up the keys in the mini-safe and return them upon departure. When leaving an apartment or studio for a long period of time, be careful to lock it.

• Always lock the main front door in the evening or when you leave the house. Ventilation of accommodation (slightly open window) is highly recommended in every period of the year. Nevertheless when you leave the apartment or studio for a longer time it is necessary to close the windows and doors if accomodation is heated (in winter time).

• Please note that the property is fully equipped (forced air conditioning is not required due to adequate insulation): bed linen, towels, kitchenware, utensils and basic food preparation necessities (salt, pepper, sugar). A cloth, sponge and detergent and wipe cloths are available for cleaning. The property is equipped with toilet paper, soap and garbage bags.

• Tap water is drinkable.

• Smoking is strictly forbidden in accommodation. In the event of non-compliance with the prohibition, the guest will cover the damage caused (general cleaning) or may be prohibited from continuing to stay without reimbursement. Smoking is allowed on the terrace or on the balcony, but the cigarete bute must be left in the ashtray.

• Please note that guests who are not registered and have not paid for their stay are prohibited. If there is a violation, we reserve the right to charge an additional night.

• Please do not damage or take inventory. It is also not permissible to change the layout of the interior design. The guest is responsible for leaving the accommodation in the state he took over.

• The guest takes over the property in perfect condition and is obliged to use all the appliances in the accommodation in accordance with the instructions for safe use and takes care of the equipment as a good master. In case of intentional or negligent damage, it shall be obliged to pay the damage. In House Štepic we reserve the right to charge any damage found to the guest if the damage has been found up to 72 hours after the departure of the guest (inspection and cleaning of the apartments are not carried out from time to time immediately after the departure of the guest, therefore the damage can sometimes not be determined immediately after the departure of the guest). If any damage occurs in your apartment, please contact +386 40 573 955 immediately.

• Night peace is required from 22:00 to 6:00 a.m. In the meantime, please do not disturb other guests unnecessarily.

Please respect other guests and treat them as you would like them to treat you. We are kindly asking you:

- Do not disturb other residents with too loud usage of radios, televisions and other appliances,

- in the event of strong storms, disconnect all electrical appliances and use the energy safely and sparingly.

• Parties are not allowed in accommodation.

• Possession of weapons is strictly prohibited. If you don't comply with this rule, we have the right to notify the police.


Pets are only allowed after the owner's prior approval. Please note that a price list fee is mandatory for pets staying.


During your stay in the accommodations, you are obliged to ensure basic order and cleanliness, with a view to keeping the accommodation properly maintained.

Before leaving the property, we kindly ask you to wash the dishes and place it in a suitable place and take the trash to the dedicated place – garbage cans (the location is provided in the accommodation information available in each property).


In The House Štepic we do not accept responsibility for money, jewelry, securities and other items that the guest keeps in the room, apartment or car. We are not responsible for the personal property of our guests, but we will do everything possible to protect it and warn you against possible danger.

House Štepic is also not responsible for any damage caused to cars parked in the parking lot.

Guests who, despite warnings, will violate the house rules will be asked to leave the property immediately. In doing so, they will have to pay 100% of the price of accommodation and any costs incurred by non-compliance with the house order.

For any questions and further information, please contact +386 40 573 955 – we will be happy to help you.

But most of all we wish you a pleasant stay.

House Štepic                                                                                                                                                   May, 2023

Zoran Štepic